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Creating competition for your inventory

EvolveNation is a unique platform through which publishers can open their traffic to a large demand of diverse advertisers. The program, which utilizes RTB technology, creates a bidding environment where the publisher’s impressions are in high demand for various campaigns, resulting in better rates for each bid.

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Advantages for our Publishers

High eCPM Rates

Our optimization technology assures that the highest paying CPM ad is served through programmatic audience insights which compete for your premium advertising inventory, allowing you to earn the most for every impression.

100% Fill Rate

Through our in-house advertisers and our connections with ad exchanges, ad networks and demand side platforms, there will always be competition for your premium inventory ensuring each impression is filled.

Strong Publisher Partnerships

We work directly with you to provide end-to-end service solutions that include ad sales, ad trafficking and yield optimization. This approach allows us to optimize your websites to generate higher revenue.

Quick Implementation

Just a simple implementation of our tags on your site is needed to begin earning. No additional coding or complicated settings. Traffic statistics, CPM rate and revenue is shown in real-time within your publisher dashboard.

Regular Income

Once activated ad codes are implemented on your site, our monetization technology will analyze your traffic to produce stable, regular income. Each month, automatically calculated payments will be sent to you through PayPal.

Multiple Ad Sizes

Each ad unit follows IAB guidelines and we support all standard display ad sizes, including 300x250, 728x90 and 160x600. There will also be options for mobile ads, video ads and full site ads upon publishers request.

Monetization by top ad companies

We partnered with hundreds of industry-leading ad companies and providers to give our publishers access to the best ad tech and rates.

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